Have fun discovering the cultural heritage !

This year’s European Heritage Days invite you to have fun discovering the cultural heritage! We have to admit that we see cultural heritage objects every day and by exploring it we “read” the history of our parents, grandparents and people who have lived in an ancient times. It helps us understand our origins and identity. Therefore, events (cognitive walks, lectures, exhibitions, workshops, hiking, hide and seek games, etc.) for different age groups will be held during the European Heritage Days’19 and everyone will have an opportunity to discover, perhaps, for some yet not discovered cultural heritage.

Cultural heritage buildings and sites have become accessible and are “seeking” our attention throughout Europe. We are travelling abroad seeking entertainment and selfies next to the Duomo di Milano or the Acropolis of Athens do not surprise us anymore. We climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Portugal Moorish castles while playing treasure hunting games. We rush to Western European countries or other continents in search of entertainment by visiting more and more impressive cultural heritage objects.

However, often we are not aware of the cultural values of our own country. That is why it is worth to look around here – in Lithuania. We are surrounded by outstanding architectural buildings, manors and churches – reminiscent of the dukes of Lithuania, worship houses of various religions, memorial sites of famous people, magnificent mounds and spectacular natural landscapes that we can reach by walking, cycling and even swimming.

Discovering cultural heritage is inseparable from our personal experience and sensations. That is why those, who are eager to hear how the music from interwar period in Lithuania sounds, can visit President Antanas Smetona’s mansion in Užugiris in August, where the fashion of that time is also being showcased. Those, who miss the classical sounds can hear them at the baroque Tytuvėnai church and monastery ensemble during the summer period. Exceptional taste lovers at Zypliai mansion are welcome to try dishes from Lithuanian noble cuisine heritage. Under the spell of the smell of dzūkian “banda”, you will find yourself in the Nemajūnai, which also has a beautiful wooden neo-Gothic style church. You can listen to unique stories by visiting the three hundred years old Šlyninkos water mill, where visitors are lured by the smell the “Razavi” pancakes. The Raseiniai Arrest House Complex invites you to see its history using virtual reality glasses. Those looking for unique entertainment can take a part in the days of Live Archeology organized in Kernavė and get to know the customs of the ancient Lithuanians, peculiarities of life and warfare, and the staff of Gelgaudiškis Manor will offer to take a part in cheerful XVIII – XIX century’s manor dancing.  It is obvious, that we have stunning objects of cultural heritage which currently are re-living their own Renaissance. However, we still have a long queue of the cultural heritage objects which are still waiting for its cognition.

Therefore, each year in September during the European Heritage Days Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture, together with towns and districts’ municipalities, seeks to draw attention to the still unknown cultural heritage of Lithuania. During European Heritage Days the owners and managers of cultural heritage sites and buildings will open the doors of closed, abandoned or forgotten cultural heritage objects. During the events, visitors will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the unexplored Lithuanian cultural heritage.

The annual events of European Heritage Days in Lithuania are a great opportunity to participate, see, hear, touch, feel, taste and even smell the cultural heritage. We invite you to participate in European Heritage Days and wish you to have fun discovering the cultural world around us!

Arnas Zmitra