2009 - 03 - 12

8-asis Baltijos kursas apie kultūros paveldą

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2009 m. birželio 1 – 12 dienomis Gotlande (Švedija) organizuojamas 8-asis Baltijos kursas apie kultūros paveldą tema „Priemiesčiai ir miestų pakraščiai – dėmesys kultūros ir gamtos paveldui?" (angl. The 8th Baltic course on cultural heritage).
Theme: Suburbs and outskirts – interest of cultural and nature heritage?). Paraiškos priimamos iki balandžio 20 d.
This project is focusing on the historical landscape as a resource for the historical identity, but now the close focus is on suburbs and outskirts. One of the main questions is to integrate the views, opinions and visions of the nature handling officers to those of the heritage handling officers.
Beside the agrarian and industrial landscapes there are town structures with suburbs. The cities are expanding usually to former agrarian land. Old industries are closing down with very complicated questions, for example pollution contra heritage. Centers of Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn and Visby are all on the world heritage list but what about the suburbs? We think it is important to have discussions with representatives for the different institutions according to different projects and opinions.
In the seminar a short lesson (max. 10-15 min.) should be given by every participant on the subject. The paper and pictures should at the same time be delivered electronically to Joakim Hansson. All papers will be published as a result of the whole project.
June 1st to 12th 2009
Visby, Gotland
Gotland University and Gotland County Administration
National Heritage Board, Estonia
Ministry of Environmental Protection, Estonia
State Inspection for Heritage Protection, Estonia
Tallinn city government/Heritage department, Estonia
State Inspection for Heritage Protection, Latvia
Department for Cultural Heritage Protection, Lithuania
Ministry of Environmental Protection, Lithuania
University professors from each country
Specially invited persons
The participating groups from each country should have a balance both in terms of age and sex. The organizers may choose to invite certain persons from each country.
The Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) granted Gotland County Administration financial support for the last course 2007-2008. But this year the course must be held without financial support from SIDA. This means that all participants have to make own funding for travel costs. The accommodation and the costs for the course will be fee.
Room and board
The participants from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will be provided with rooms in Visby, free of charge. A few meals will be provided free of charge.
Each person should send in one application no later than April 20th. Please us the enclosed forms and read the instructions carefully.
The course will be held in English, therefore the participants should be proficient in English.
Each participant is required to present a case study for the course. The case study should be presented as a short written report, handed in at the beginning of the course, and there will an oral presentation (bring pictures if possible!). The objective is to present a problem and to discuss possible solutions with the teachers and other participants. After the course each participant is required to present a solution for their own case. This should be a written report of 5-10 pages.
If a person do not have the possibilities to take part during the hole time of the course this person have to leave a short written rapport (1-2 pages) about a project in the homeland about Suburbs and Outskirts. This rapport should be delivered during the visit in Visby.
Those who have fulfilled the requirements will be given a course certificate from the University College of Gotland.
More detailed information will be sent to the participants once they have been selected. This information will be sent out of April. If you have any questions, please contact:
Dr Joakim Hansson, Eva Marie Fahlin
Phone : +4670 5135 678 621 67 VISBY
e-mail : joakim.hansson@lansstyrelsen.se
e-mail : evamarie.fahlin@hgo.se
Please send the application form by April 20th to
Högskolan på Gotland
Att: Eva Marie Fahlin
621 67 Visby
Or by e-mail to evamarie.fahlin@hgo.se
NOTE: If you have not studied at Gotland University earlier you must enclose copies of diplomas or other documents which verify your educational background.
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